Thursday, August 21, 2008

Part Time

So yesterday was my last day at my part-time job at Ann Taylor Loft. i liked working there and all (mostly for the discount), but as you can imagine my last day wasnt really smooth. hint for shoppers- dont argue too badly with people who work in retail, it may just be thier last day and they might cuss you out. anyways, so im ringing up this lady for a return. she bought two of the same item. i didnt realize that at first so i just found the item on the reciept and circled it and marked it as returned. So then she asks me why i didnt mark the first one? im like what? apparently the first item rung up was the same item so i look at it and it is the exact same. because of the sale amount and the how the computer calculates the two prices were different, so she wanted me to return the one that was more. Mind you, the first item was only a penny more!!! So i gave her my best are u F-ing serious look and she starts blabbin on about it so i switch it. i had to scratch it out on the receipt and then she starts going off about how if she wants to return the other one she wont be able to because they are both marked as returned, so i write on the reciept item not returned. it should be noted that from this point forward i decided to ignore she starts babbling loudly to her sister in chinese. so then i roll my eyes at her and give her my best dont start nothing look and she goes about her business....damn i should've cussed her out... it being my last day and all. SMH

Work Quote of the day

(AB on the phone) " and if it comes back somehow....i'll just blame it on stupidness"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meat Lovers

So as anyone who know s me knows, i am a Vegan. i have only been in this lifestyle for a few months and i do still have my slips but for the most part im pretty good. So last night my mom calls me and chats about this.

Me: Hello
Mom: hey there is something we want to tell you
me: what?
Mom: We are Meatatarians
Me: what?
Mom: Meatatarians. we just wanted to tell you about our new lifestyle choice and we hope you can support us.
Me: that is so mean why cant ya'll support me being a Vegan?
Mom: i cant declare you a vegan until after Christmas
Me: hmmmmmmm thats gonna be hard

She's right tho, before this change, i never met a holiday ham or turkey i didnt love, not to mention all the desserts, DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!

oh and thanks to Wendy's for giving my mom a comeback to my Vegan Declarations...LOL

Work Quote of the day

" I didnt become a Lesbian,...Until i got married! -Jay

test post

i am still trying to figure this out :)
Update- I finally figured out that i had to change the template completely...geesh this is hard :)

A day that will remain in infamy!!

someone (who shall remain nameless) suggested i started a blog. i really didnt think i was that interesting but i figure i have to find a way to get my incredible way of thinking out into the world! i named this blog randomness because well... i am random and sometimes my thoughts will come out of no where... but i will try my best to make it interesting.